The Nunes Memo: The exposure of partisan corruption, complicity and collusion in government and the media

Let’s begin with this: Despite democrat warnings, warnings from the FBI, and warnings from the press, nothing in the Nunes memo is even the slightest threat to national security. We are no more at risk today than we were before the Nunes memo. There is no footprint related to any sort of need for this memo to be classified and certainly not for the rhetoric used in attempts to stop its release.

What this memo demonstrates is the gross corruption, complicity and collusion occurring within our government and press. The violation of trust that Americans place in these uniquely American institutions has been shaken to its core.

Yes, we permit certain federal agencies and staff to operate in secrecy. But in so doing, we place a significant amount of trust in them and in those appointed as overseers. However, it appears that these people and processes have failed the American people. A culture was established, permitted and nurtured within the FBI and DOJ (not to mention the DNC) where integrity was traded for political aims. These people have behaved disgracefully and unconstitutionally.

Similarly, we don’t just afford the American press certain freedoms, we see those freedoms as a bedrock of our society. We expect the press to uphold certain standards and to act responsibly in accordance with those standards. But like members of our federal government, they to have demonstrated gross negligence and partisanship. Should you doubt this, simply watch the media’s reaction when Trump won the presidency. YouTube is full of the videos.

Many had suspected this for a while due to an absurd list of circumstances that demonstrated corruption:

  • DNC primary election cheating
  • Emails and cell phones destroyed and missing
  • Mishandling of classified info without anyone going to jail
  • Outright Benghazi lies
  • Lynch meeting Bill Clinton on a plane
  • Spying on journalists
  • The Mueller probe of Trump despite the fact everyone knows who actually took money from Russian sources

And these are just a few examples.

However, following the release of the Nunes memo, what many have feared has been proven. Here are the facts…

  1. The Trump-Russia narrative was pushed and financed by the DNC’s and Clinton’s hiring of an extremely partisan foreign spy to link a Trump campaign volunteer to Russia.
  2. The Trump-Russia narrative was afforded credibility by high ranking federal government confederates of DNC-Clinton by the strategic leaking of ‘info’ to the press.
  3. Federal government DNC-Clinton confederates in the FBI and DOJ manipulated a secret FISA by (A) withholding information not once, but four times and (B) providing information to the court that was highly suspect (i.e., it came from an extremely partisan foreign spy).
  4. The DNC-Clinton federal collaborators we’re using the FISA court to spy on a presidential candidate during a campaign.
    The DNC, Clinton campaign and federal collaborators in the FBI and DOJ were using info provided by an extremely partisan foreign spy in an attempt to affect the outcome of a US presidential election.
  5. It certainly appears that the FBI and DOJ were colluding with the DNC and Clinton campaign to frame Trump of colluding with Russia. This effort continue unabated via the Mueller probe. [Let’s be clear: The goal is not to find a solid link of Trump-Russia collusion- if it existed it would have been discovered by now. The goal of Mueller is to ‘Martha Stewart’ Trump; to get to Trump so as he commits perjury on some intimate detail on which he’s questioned.]

As a member of the media, I am ashamed of how complicit we have been, and continue to be, in it all. We are to be the protector against tyrannical government. We have grossly failed the American people in our responsibilities. We have become little more than mouthpieces for the corruption, and as such, partners in their crimes.

Never has the press so aggressively fought against the release of information, especially from the government. Never before has the press so aggressively sought to tarnish the credibility of information prior to reviewing it. It is a reckless and shameful disregard for the responsibilities entrusted us by the First Amendment.

Moving forward we must declassify at least a part of McCabe’s testimony to the House Intel Committee as well as the FISA requests. For the record, FISA requests have been released in previous instances.

A federal grand jury is required to investigate this matter. Our democracy is at stake.

No matter your politics, this culture of corruption, complicity and collusion must be stopped. Every American should be aptly alarmed and motivated to correct it. This is not a partisan issue, this is an American crisis.


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