Why the status quo must change

​Here’s what frightens me more than a Trump presidency….the status quo…consider these facts…

Foremost, the level of corruption in this country is alarming. We have reached a point where a certain group of people- a certain political class- are obviously beyond the reach of law. We have a media who has forgotten the very special responsibility gifted to them by the 1st Amend. We have an IRS that’s out of control but whose powers have been magnified. 

We fine people for not buying health insurance they neither can afford nor should they want because it makes no financial sense. Our veterans programs are entirely out of whack and grossly dysfunctional. We have an educational system that spends more per student than almost any country yet the system fails them. 

95 million Americans are out of work. We have the lowest home ownership rate in 50-plus years. 13 million Americans are on food stamps and 3 million are living in poverty. The price of water, sewage, oil and electricity is exploding or about to do so. 

We have infrastructure that’s in dire need of repair or altogether replacement. One of every six men aged 18 to 34 are either out of the labor force or incarcerated. We incarcerate more people than any other country. The current administration has racked-up more debt than all previous adminisrations combined. The military is in horrendous condition and that’s only going to worsen. 

Our leaders, while preaching ‘inclusion’ and intolerance privately label blacks and others as “career never-do-wells” [no matter the opportunities afforded them]. Between 2009 to 2014 the number of blacks on food stamps increased 58%, 18.5% of black people are not in the labor force, and one of every three black American males born today can expect to go to prison in his lifetime. Meanwhile, a presidential candidate uses a rapper to get votes despite the damaging and insulting consequences of his bigoted and violence filled rhetoric. Our leaders stress our differences so as to pit us against one another, to the point of which locker room someone should use. And on top of all of this we give the greatest state sponsor of terrorism- Iran- $150 billion dollars in cash that is flown in on pallets.

Do we need more of the same?


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